Tips and Tricks Tuesday #36- Makeup

Good day, good day, friends.  Welcome to another Tips and Tricks Tuesday.  I think this is week number 36, but  I've kinda lost track, so just go with me on this one.  If you' re new here, welcome to Lewisville Love.  Every Tuesday I like to share some of my favorite tips and tricks I find from all over the blog world, Pinterest, and right here in Lewisville.

Today, I thought we should talk about make up. I know.  It's a little out of my normal post topic, but again, go with me on this one. I'm not someone that wears make up everyday.  Staying at home and schooling my kids doesn't really call for a dramatic morning makeover.  Brushing my hairr and teeth and washing my face is as far as I go with an every day head routine.  When I go out, even if it's just running errands, I usually put on three, sometimes four things- powder foundation, mascara, and eyeliner and/or blush.  If it's summer and really hot outside, I skip everything.  Everyone's make up routine is different.  I get that.  Some ladies won't go outside without wearing it, some could care less.  For me, it all depends on how I'm feeling that day.

I'm picky when it comes to brands too.  Though I'm a frugal (cheap) girl at heart, my philosophy has always been that whatever I put on my skin or in my body, from food to lotions to make-up, it all has to be good stuff.   I prefer organic make up and usually buy it on line, but I have a few Mac products and love them too.  The only thing I cheap out on is eye liner and mascara.  I use Cover Girl and Loreal.  Honestly, I haven't found anything that works better. I know; the ingredients are terrible.
 I don't have a huge make up collection either.  It's really very basic!  Sometimes I look at these makeup organizers and someone's personal stash online, and I'm really blown away by how much make up they have.  It really can be an art form, but I'm just not there.  Some girls get excited about make up; some girls get excited about power tools.  I'm a little of both, but lean more towards the latter.  I'll be 40 this year, and to be honest with you, I feel pretty great with or with out make up.  Maybe that's just security that comes with age or maybe it's just blindness.  I have wrinkles and flawed skin, but I'm o.k. with that.  I go along with what an old famous preacher once said when asked if he thought women should wear make up.  His answer, "If the barn needs painting, then by all means, paint the barn!"   Sometimes I feel like painting, sometimes I don't.

So where ever you are with make up needs, we can all use a little inspiration with organizing it, right?  Here are a few helpful tips for that.

Here's something I need to do today.  My favorite blush has crumpled and looks like this.  It's happened a few times with my favorite colors, but I never throw them away.  I just work around the mess until it's gone.  Jackie from in-lala-land shows how to fix this mess with one ingredient- alcohol.  It's actually very simple and easy, so visit her if you're in need.

Do you have several make up brushes you use?  Here's a cute way to organize and display them.  Just use a clean candle holder and beads, gems, or even Epsom salt to hold them.  I've also seen this used with coffee beans.
 If you're like me and have just a few brushes, use a toothbrush holder to keep them displayed nice and neat.
 I love these organizers for every day use, but if you're in need for some serious make up organization, put your like items together- face, eyes, lips, etc.

You can find organizers like these at Walmart, Target, and Ikea.
For the more serious make up user, check online for these. 

I personally like being able to see all my choices at once.   If you're like that too, consider using a jewelry organizer or even a hanging shoe organizer. 

This is personally one of my favorites!  I love frames and you can paint them in any color to match your room.  For the non-makeup hoarders, you can always magnetize the back of your make up and attach them to sheet metal cut at your home improvement store.  Some people have even used baking pans.  The metal can be covered with fabric or painted and magnets found at the dollar stores can be hot glued.  It would take some work, but it's really pretty.
You can organize your make up with just about anything- Tool boxes, fishing tackle box, desk top letter organizers, kitchen utensil organizer- anything you can think of can work to organize your prettying tools.  Remember I used old tuna cans to organize my vanity, and they work perfectly.  Find what works for you, and enjoy it.  I'm feeling a little guilty now though.  I just realized I still have some make up in a make up bag that I keep under my sink.  After looking at all these ideas, that's just going to have to change!

Have a great day, everyone!