Tips and Tricks #37 & a movie review?

Hello there!  It was quite a weekend here in Lewisville.  I finally went to see Les Miserables with the Mr.  We sneaked in an afternoon date and had a great time.  We both love Les Miz and have seen it a few times at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles.  Honestly, I like the movie, but (and please don't hate) it really doesn't compare to the live theater production.  Has anyone else out there seen both?  What did you think?

The story itself is very moving and the songs are incredible. I find myself singing "On My Own" over and over again- my favorite, obviously. When you see the live production, the singers can really, really sing.  It's the kind of singing that moves you; the kind that you can feel coming from your heart.  The actors in the movie did a great job, and since most of them aren't professional singers, their talent shines. The movie just didn't cut it for me though.  I think my expectations were too high.  I wanted it (and expected it) to be like the theater production, but it wasn't.   Anyway, the good news is that I went online after watching the movie to see where the U.S. tour of Les Miz would be.  Hello!  It's coming to Denver!  I'm saving up for tickets and praying it's not sold out before I can get them.

Ok, enough about my weekend obsession.  Today is Tuesday, and I have a few tips and tricks that may help you along in your everyday home life.  As always, you can find most of these tips on my Tips and Tricks board on Pinterest.  

Tip 1.  I'm always telling readers to save your jars and lids.  They make great organizers and most can be reused as mason jars.  The problem is taking labels off is not very easy at all.  I actually have two of these sitting on my counter ready to be tested.  Click HERE to get some ideas on how to remove labels from glass more easily.

Tip 2.  I've seen many ideas to hold and organize pot and pan lids, but not with something as easy as a curtain rod.  Just hook them on the inside of your cabinet door and you have an instant lid organizer.  Good idea!

Tip 3.  I just have to laugh because I just finished organizing my cookie cutters.  I didn't do this, but I think this is a really great way to store and organize them.  Use an old towel holder to hold all your cutters.  So many of them can be found at thrift stores now a days.

Tip 4.  Any way to organize and make my life easier is always welcome.  Tension rods are a cheap and easy solution to organizing gift wrap, but if you don't have any walls for the "tension", use cup hooks to hold the rods in place.  Super simple idea with a huge impact.

Tip 5.  When I travel, I usually put my lotions and liquid products in a plastic bag.  Who else is guilty of this?  I don't know why I never thought of just wrapping plastic wrap under the lid to keep that liquid from spilling out.  This is a must try.

 I hope you found something to help you out in your homes!  I'm off to a field trip at a firefighters' museum with my kiddos today!   See you back here on Thursday! Have a great day, everyone.