A new bread box...from a box!

Hello friends!  I am so excited to tell you all that it is a whopping 50 degrees here in the mile high city, and it feels amazing!  The sun is shining and it is soooo warm compared to what it's been like.  We were at 1degree on Sunday and 5 degrees on Monday.  This warmer weather is so welcomed here in Lewisville.  I was able to take advantage of the weather and paint outside for the first time in weeks yesterday.  Quite a thrilling day, let me tell you.  Today's project isn't about paint though.  I'm making those final touches on the pantry and those chairs I've been telling you all about.  I was working on both yesterday, outside, in the warm 50 degrees!  Did I mention how warm it is now?  Anyway, in addition to painting, I also managed to make a new bread box...out of box.

 It turned out pretty great I think.  Can you believe it came from this?

 It's a typical box that you can find holding your favorite drinks.  We happened to buy Izzes on sale at Costco last month.  I, personally, love the blackberry.  I love boxes like these too.  They make the perfect file type caddy....or bread box in my case.

I had some extra material left over from my cereal box turned paper file.  You can read about that project HERE.

I cut the material to size, making sure the inside panels would be covered.

I thought about using my hot glue gun to adhere the material, but I didn't feel like burning my fingers today.  I had Mod Podge in a near by drawer, so I just grabbed and got to gluing.

I kind of wrapped the box like a gift, but made square edges.

 15 minutes later, this is what I had...tada.

 I added ribbon of course.  You all know how much I LOVE ribbon, plus it matches with my file/paper clutter holder which I keep in my pantry too.

 I added a bread label, and as promised, when the pantry is revealed, I'll be making these labels available to all my readers to download and print.  Stay tuned!

 So what do you think of my bread box made from a box?

I just love using things from around the house that were bound for the trash only to make them useful and beautiful!  Save those boxes, friends.   There are hundreds of uses for them.  Hope you all have a great day!