Tips & Tricks Tuesday- Christmas

Are you all in a mad rush getting your Christmas decorations up?  We pulled out the Christmas boxes last week and they've been sitting in the living room just waiting to be opened and delved into.  Today, I finally got a few things up for the outside, but the mantel is still pretty bare.  I'll get to it. Eventually.  I just need a day to really get in the Christmas Spirit, then I'll go mad and decorate all day.  That's usually how it works for me. 
So, if you're new here, welcome to Lewisville.  On Tuesdays, I like to share a few things that may help make our lives a little easier and more beautiful.  We call it Tips and Tricks Tuesday.

  You can find all these tips on my Pinterest Tips and Tricks board, but today in celebration of Christmas, you can find all tips on my Christmas board.  Have fun and enjoy today's tips and tricks!

Tip1.  I love unique gift wrap, and the first two tips certainly qualify.  You can transform Pringles canisters and dress them up in your favorite gift wrap.  You can place cookies or muffins in there and give them away as gifts to co-workers and neighbors!  Sweet.

Tip 2.  Another ideas for your edible gifts is to wrap an aluminum foil box.  Super cute, right? 

 Tip 3.  I must be hungry because food seems to be my theme here today.  For you bakers out there, first we all love you and thank you for your delicious goodness.  Second, how about wrapping your sweet goodness and setting it on picture frame used as plate.  You can put the recipe in the frame and wrap it up as a gift. 
Tip 4.  I'm all about simple decorating ideas that have a great impact.  Here, even the door knob is decorated with a little bit of holly and ribbon.  Ribbon, and lots of it, can be found all around Lewisville during Christmas.  I may just need more ribbon this season!
 Tip 5.  And look how cute this craft is made out of a stryrofoam tree and ribbon.  This is a great idea to put on the mantel or to give it away as a gift. 

If you'd like more details about each of these crafts and ideas, click on the {source} link below each picture to get more details about each. 

I hope you all found something to inspire your Christmas decorating.  I'm off to buy more ribbon!