Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Last minute Thanksgiving Table decor

 So have you  been out to the stores this week?  OH... MY... GOODNESS!  It is crazy out there!  Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is out in full force getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I was at Costco yesterday, on a Monday in the middle of the day when it's usually nice and quite, and it was a madhouse instead.  Monday is my regular shopping day.  That's the only reason I was there...Ahem.

Today I want to share with you some last minute Thanksgiving decor that you can put together in a few minutes.  If you find yourself needing "something" for the table, look no further.  I put this together over the weekend for our church's Thanksgiving feast.  Just about everything you see on the table, came from the Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby.

It may be last minute, but most Dollar Tree's still have these plastic pumpkins and gourds.  You may have to search around for them.  I found these hidden in the plastic fruit section.  

 As soon as I walked in to the Dollar Tree, they had a table set up with all the fall decor left overs.  These mini fall decorations were perfect for my little table decorating project. 

 I wasn't crazy about the color, so I took them into my garage, spray painted primer, then spray painted them white. Spray paint dries in about 15 minutes, but I had to flip the veggies over and paint them all over again.  Painting these took the most time for the project,  but while these were drying, I worked  on the rest of the table.

I bought these supplies at the Dollar Tree also.  Tall glass candle holders, candles, and scented leaves made up most of what you see on the table.
 To give height to the candle, I added the leaves first then dropped the candles in after.  I wrapped twine around the glass candle holder. 
 You can see I was experimenting with using burlap around the candle too, both inside and out.  It looks nice, but in the end I decided to go with out the rustic burlap look.
 Instead, I decided to use fall leaves with the candles.  I had these fall leaves left over from my fall door wreath.  They were from the Dollar Tree also, but if you can't find them, just take a trip outside and pick a few leaves.
 Once the plastic stuff was dry,  I put the mini fruit in the glass candle vase with the scented leaves on the bottom. I bought holly berries at Hobby Lobby this last weekend too.  They were having a 50% off sale on all Christmas decor and I just could help myself.  They add so much to the white pumpkins. 
 I love the the dark table cloth in contrast to the white pumpkins and candles.

 I wanted to hot glue the berries to the pumpkins, but I didn't have time.  Instead, I just wrapped them around the stem and let them fall onto the pumpkins.  LOVE!

 By the way, the Thanksgiving feast was a huge success!  Proof.
 I worked on the table decorations at home and transferred everything to the church.  Every piece traveled really well and it only took a few minutes to set up the tables.
 The candles add great ambiance.  I love how everything turned out!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful, festive holiday that we share with friends and family, but the week before Thanksgiving can be difficult to deal with.  Hectic, busy, running around- you name it and we make it crazy ourselves.  I see more anxious faces and frustrations during the holidays. Sad.  It makes me focus on why we are actually celebrating and keeps me grounded as to what's really important here.  I have so many reasons to be Thankful.  The four biggest  reasons live right here with me in Lewisville- my best friend and husband of 18 years, and our three lovely kiddos.  We have health, love for each other, and I'm just so joyfully thankful for my family.  We could be having chicken nuggets on Thanksgiving, and to be honest, I really wouldn't care.  I've learned that in whatever situation I am in, to be content.
  This year, since all our family is out of state, we are celebrating with wonderful friends.  I look forward to delicious food and sweet fellowship.  I hope and pray you all have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving!


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