Tips & Tricks Tuesday #32

Hello friends,
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family enjoyed time with friends and some delish food.  The rest of our weekend, however, turned out to be very, very sad.  We took our dog into the pet emergency room on Friday morning.  Our dog Picabo (peek a boo) has been with us for 6 years.  She was named after the town of Picabo, Idaho where she kept running away from what we think was an abusive home. When we brought her home from the animal shelter, she stole our hearts and became part of the family.  Picabo got sick and went critical on Friday morning.  We don't know exactly what happened except that she may have been sick for a while and hiding her pain/symptoms.  Dogs do that for their family's.  Our vet worked very hard and was able to stabilize her, but within hours, we had to say our goodbyes.  We cried most of the weekend, but slowly are doing better. She was a wonderful dog, but I'm not quite ready to post a picture.

Needless to say, I haven't felt like blogging, but I know we need to get Lewisville back to normal as much as possible.  Sometime this week, I'll include the post I scheduled to get out this past weekend.  Today, as usual, is another Tips and Tricks Tuesday.

I hope today's Tips and Tricks Tuesday post gives you some inspiration to work on the little things around your home. 

Tip 1.  The first tip comes from my friend Lori over at The Stonybrook House.
She wanted to organize her desk and decided to make her own desk organizers out of cereal boxes!   Love how she put these together with cute paper.

Tip 2.  I LOVE simple and inexpensive organizing ideas, and Aunt Peaches gives us a great one.  She took a simple shoe box and added toilet paper rolls to hold all her markers.  This is a super great way to organize the many pens, pencils, markers, etc...
 Tip 3.  Here's another organizing tip.  Cut a shoe organizer in half and hang it on the back of door, like under the bathroom sink.  What a great idea from Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking

Tip 4.  Chalk board is all over the blogs these days.  It's a great way to make quick list or write reminders for your family.  Vinyl chalk board can be picked up at most craft stores.  Look what Jackie did from Teal and Lime

 Tip 5.  The ladies over at The Burlap Bag showed us this great idea.  You can store matches in a mason jar and cover the lid with high grit sandpaper.  This is perfect for camping and your emergency storage kit we've been talking about.

I hope you enjoyed today's tips and tricks.  For the month of December I'll be posting Christmas ideas and helpful tips to get through the holidays each Tuesday.  Hope to see you here!
Have a blessed day.