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Well, I have to tell you.  I LOVE thrift store deals!  I love when I find a great piece of furniture for just a few bucks and make it look like a part of a store collection.  I LOVE saving  money of course, and I LOVE finding items we NEED at home.  In Lewisville, we need table lamps.  We've been sitting in the dark far to long (not really) and it's just time to purchase some beautiful, esthetically pleasing lamps!

I don't know how, but somewhere along the way, every lamp in our house seemed to break or "disappear".  Strange I tell you?  I really wanted matching lamps for the master bedroom, without paying for them with one of my children.  We're talking lamps here-that give light- not a piece of furniture or an appliance.  When did lamp prices surge into the "oh my goodness; are you kidding me" price points?  Then again, I know I'm cheap (loud and proud) so with every price I see, from Pottery Barn to Target, I'm bound to choke on it.
Then one day, I saw these two pretty girls at my local thrift store, and I insisted they come home with me.

For a few weeks, I kept dropping into my thrift stores looking for matching lamps.  I would find one but not a pair.  I would find something similar to what I wanted, but not a set.  I knew I could just paint two lamps the same color, and it would still give me a cohesive look. Deep down inside, though, I wanted matchy-matchy even though all decor and design tips say not to worry about that.  Just when I was about to cave in and buy whatever, I found my lamps!

 What do you think?  I know they're sassy brassy but they're just what I was looking for.  Besides, you know my DIY friends, primer and spray paint, never let me down.  If you missed my post on the last lamp I painted, you can read all about it HERE.  Our bedroom is an earthy brown color with black furniture, so I'm thinking about softening it up with white accents; therefore, these lamps will most likely be white the next time you see them.

 As soon as I saw them, I was sold.  Then I saw the price tag at $5 each and I could hardly contain myself.  This is a bit of a DIYers, in my bloggy dreams, kind of deal.  I know.  I'm weird that way.  It takes very little to make me happy and entertain me!

I love the curves and even the brass color doesn't bother me that much.  She's still getting a paint job, but she'll have to wait in line.  Before I actually purchase things like this at the thrift store, I always test them out.  So here's a tip- If you're going to buy a lamp, make sure it works.  These work perfectly!

 But wait there's girls are getting a new lamp for their bedroom too.  On a separate trip to the same thrift store, I found this cutie patootie, perfect for a tween girls room! 

 This one was even cheaper at just 3.99!  Are you kidding me?  (I say that in the complete opposite way from looking at price tags from the above mentioned stores)  My thoughts go a little something like this when I see thrift store tags, "Quick, let's buy it before they realize what I'm willing to pay and change their minds."  Please tell me I'm not crazy, or at least tell me I'm not alone.  I'm ok with crazy as long as I'm not alone.  Hehehe!

By the way, I found the very same lamp here, on sale, for $24 more.  Yup, I'm really liking my thrift store deals now! 

So in the next week I'll be shopping for drum shades and probably some fabric.  I'll be sure to show you the final product when it's all done!  Now do you believe me when I say you can find some great deals at the thrift stores?  I hope you find some amazing deals for those of you who are going out the door now, on your way to your nearest thrift store!  Have a great weekend everyone!  


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