Tips & Tricks Tuesday #26

It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday here in Lewisville and there's some good stuff out there that I can't wait to create myself.  You want to see what I've found?  As always, you can follow me on pinterest and pin these ideas to your own board. My goal is to always find tips and tricks that are easy to create and that make our lives at home a little easier. 
So I know you're all waiting to see the goods that I found.  Let's get on with the show, shall we?

Tip 1. I love decorating and giving my home a fresh look. Doing it on a budget can be challenging, but here's a great way to bring some style to a wall without breaking the bank.  You can make your own wall art with styrofoam!  Simply cover your foam in your favorite fabric or paper and you have instant art deco! 
 Tip 2.  It's all about recycling, upcycling, and repurposing.  Look at what can be done with an every day pantry item like this OATMEAL Canister.  Paint it or wrap it in fabric or paper and you have an instant headband organizer.  Isn't this a cute way to display and hold all those headbands little girls collect?  

 Tip 3 & 4.  I'm in the middle of organizing and cleaning my closet, so when I see something pertaining to closets, I'm all over it!  This is a double tip.  First, look at those pink hangers!  I've never thought of painting my wood hangers, but what a great way to add some color to the closet.  Tape off the medal hooks and spray paint your hearts out!  Second, if you need some more room for clothes in your closet ( so jealous if you do), add those soda (pop) tabs to the hanger to make it a double hanger.  Think of the possibilities of putting outfits together especially for younger children.  Love it!

 Tip 5. There are all sorts of hat organizers you can buy in the stores, but here's a quick and easy way to get those hats organized for just $1!  Pick up some shower rings from your dollar store and attach them to a hanger.  Add your hats (or scarves) and you have everything displayed in a neat style.  When you see everything displayed like this, all the hats & scarves will be used. One hat won't be overly used because it's sitting on top of the others.  Another great idea to implement.

I hope you enjoyed today tips and tricks.  I'm needing to do each one of these and when I do, I'll be sharing them with you!

Have a great day everyone!