Tips and Tricks Tuesday # 27

Wow, how did it become Tuesday so quickly?  I've lost track of time somewhere throughout my week.  Ever have days like that?  I feel like I've had a year like that.

If you're new here to Lewisville Love, welcome.  This blog is about my journey in making my home clean and organized on a budget.  I love DIY projects- paint and sand paper are my friends, and you can probably find me checking out all the latest goods at my local thrift stores.  Today is tips and tricks Tuesday where I present to you some fabulous tips for the home.  I love to share with you anything that would make our lives easier here on Tuesdays.

You can find most of these tips on my Pinterest tips and tricks boards. Stay a while and check out a few past post.  If you find something helpful, I'd love to have you follow me.  For now, let's get started shall we?

Tip 1.  I love the idea of putting cork board behind a cupboard door.  You can pin family schedules, recipes, numbers, the ideas are endless.  This would be a quick and easy project with a huge impact.

Tip 2.  I'm loving my personal organizing challenge, and I think I am becoming addicted to getting my hidden messes all straightened up.   Needless to say, whenever I find an easy organizing solution, I have to bring some attention to it.  Look at how a magazine holder is turned into under the sink storage.  What a great way to put away those tools (blow dryers, curling irons) with long cords.
 Tip 3.  I have found so many new uses for shower curtain hangers.  Here, they're thrown on a rack and used to hang long necklaces.  Great idea, right?  Now I just need to go buy some more jewelry...hehehehe.
Tip 4.  Oh my goodness, I'll take anything to keep things off the sink and counters.  So much stuff always makes the area look messy.  I'm prone to just throw it under the sink, but here's a better solution.  Can you believe these are spice racks from Ikea!  What!!!????  Yes, spice racks are used as shelves for all our girl products.  I would have never thought of that.  Great idea again.
Tip 5.  Did you know that October and November are the best times to buy jeans?  Oh, ya.  I'm needing some jeans for the family!  Here's why now is the time to buy.  You just missed all the back to school sales and the stores want to get rid of their inventory to make room for the holiday sales.  Makes sense! Happy shopping.
I hope you enjoyed today's tips.  I'm always amazed by some of the creativity  and re-purposing that's out there. Have a great week, everyone!