Tips and Tricks Tuesday #24

Wow, I can't believe 24 weeks have passed since starting our weekly Tips and Tricks Tuesday post!  If you're new here to Lewisville Love, this is the day of the week where I share some tips that I find helpful for our home and family, and I think they just might be helpful for your home too! 

 So let get on with the show, shall we!

Tip 1.  I love this idea for hanging headbands.  We all love anything that will help us keep our stuff tidy and organized, but if you have girls, you know hair bows and ties and headbands can easily take over any space.  It's crazy I tell you!  I love this idea of hanging headband with your own personal style of fabric and ribbons.  Clips and barrettes can also attach to these quite nicely.  What a beautiful way to display all that little girl stuff! (I found these on Etsy by the way.  If you don't have time to make them yourself, you can buy them!)

Tip 2.  I know this sounds crazy, but it really does work.  To get rid of water stains on you hard wood furniture,  apply ....wait for it....real mayonnaise!   I know what you're thinking.  I've lost it right!  The truth is is I bought a beautiful buffet last year that had water rings on the top.  I search and search the internet on what to do about my little problem.  This method of leaving mayo on the water stains kept poppin up, so I tried it.  I left the mayo on the stains for a couple of hours, and when I wiped it off, the stains were significantly less noticeable.  I reapplied for a few more hours the next day, and they were all but gone.  It's not perfect, but it makes a huge difference. 

Tip 3.  Oh, yes! How many of us drink our 8 glasses of water that is required?  Not me!  I'm terrible at drinking enough water.  With winter coming and the climate being so dry here, I need even more water.  I thought this idea was so easy, yet just about brilliant since I didn't even give it a thought.  Fill your water in clear bottles and mark where you should be every hour.  Water bottle are usually 2-4 cups, so grab a few to meet your 8/ 8oz of H2O.
UPDATE:  one reader mentioned that we can drink too much water and wash away nutrients and vitamins.  Drink when you are thirsty. You can read more about it HERE.
Tip 4.  And here's another brilliant idea!  Seriously, sometimes it's so simple to add organization in the places we would never consider and the impact could be huge.  Thinking outside the box and outside what's "normal" could really get my house in tip top shape.   When I see ideas like this, I have to ask where else have I never thought of to place shelves.  Placing shelving behind a closet door is going to be this mom's life saver in my girls' room.  They share a small room and the smallest mess makes a big impact.  No more!
Tip 5.   I remember the days of going out with my little ones and trying to keep them occupied while mom attended to business.  My purse was full of toys and sippy cups and snacks and who knows what else.  They loved to color, and I think this will help all the mamas out there with young artist.  Just get some crayons and a sticky tab and put them in a used up wipey box.   Only give them this when you're out, so it's their special treat during those times.  Good idea!
That's all for now.  Did any of these tips help you or give you even more ideas about what you can do in your home?  I'd love to hear from you.  Have a great day!