Pita Pizzas for dinner

I don't consider myself a chef in any way.  Cooking isn't a passion of mine, but I do make a wholesome dinner for my family just about every night. We eat out maybe 1-2 times a month, if that.  I'm always looking for quick, healthy (on some level) meals that taste great.  My kids all have their favorites when it comes to dinner time, but this is a meal they can all agree is one of their favorites.  When I say we're having Pita Pizzas, they all cheer and chant, hugs and kisses are given, and I am all of a sudden feeling like mom of the year.  They love these personal pizzas, and I love making them because it only takes me 15 minutes!

We've been making Pita Pizzas here in Lewisville for years.  I don't remember where I originally found the recipe/ idea, but this is a dish that can be personalized and changed for each member of the family.  It's super simple and actually fun for the little ones to make themselves.  We've even done sleepovers where every girl made her own pizza.

I was running around last Saturday and hadn't really given a thought about what to make for dinner that night.  It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.  My husband suggested these pizzas, and my kids actually said I should take pictures and share it on my blog.  They thought your kids might like them too.  Isn't that sweet of them?

So here's the recipe.  Are you  ready?  Make sure you write this down.

Ingredients Needed:
Pita bread
Spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce
Grated mozzarella or monterey jack cheese (any white cheese will do)
Your favorite pizza toppings

Turn your oven on to 400F.
Not to confusing, right?  This is why I love making these.

 I personally love mushrooms, peppers, olives, sausage..the works.  My family,  however, likes plain pepperoni and Hawaiian (canadian bacon and pineapple).

1.  Place the pitas on a cookie sheet or pizza pan.  The "bowl" of the pita should be up.

 2.  Add you sauce- a little or alot- according to each ones taste.  Personally, lay it on thick, I say!

 3.  Cheese, please!  Again, I say lay it on thick!
4.  Add your favorite toppings!

Whew!  I'm glad we got through that.  Now, slide that pizza pan into the oven for 10 minutes- longer if you want it crispy.  In the meantime, you can whip up a salad or another side dish to your liking.

Voila...dinner is served!   There are 5 of us in our family, and I usually make a few extras because we all LOVE pizza.
I've done a few variations of this too.  Try it with barbeque sauce, grilled chicken, and cilantro.  I also love these with feta cheese, spinach, basil, tomatoes - mmmm. Hope you enjoy!


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