Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Remembering 9-11

Today marks 11 years since the attacks.  Four planes hijacked and set course for terror.  The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, flight 93- We'll never forget.

World Trade Center
The Pentagon
United Flight 93

Then there were the heroes of 9-11.  That day, we lost 23 officers from the New York police department, 37 from the Port Authority, and 343 New York fire & rescue.  You're all heroes.

2, 996 died on September 11, 2001.  This includes the 19 hijackers.  Our job is to make sure the next generation knows what happened.  Tell your kids and grandkids where you were when you heard about the attacks, how you felt, what you thought.  Tell them so they will remember too and know why we honor our  heroes and soldiers who fight for our wonderful country.

The 9-11 memorials