Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Fall Inspiration

Fall has officially arrived here in Denver.  We've been enjoying unusually high temperatures for this time of the year, but today it cooled down quite a bit and rained a little.  I took the time to enjoy some tea and cookies with my daughter.  She had milk instead (not a tea girl yet), but I  cherish these indoor times together.   I also love the changing of the seasons and colder weather.  It gives us a new beginning in so many areas of our lives.  So thankful for new beginnings.

Today, Tips and Tricks Tuesday will be a little different.  I've been busy getting my Fall Table, Fall Wreath, and Fall Mantel together, so I thought why not give some Fall Inspiration.  

If you haven't started decorating for fall or don't usually decorate, this may inspire you to get your craft madness going.  The best thing about these inspiration pictures is that they're all pretty easy to put together and will fit the most savvy of budgets.  That's my kind of decorating!  You can find all of these on my Fall Board on Pinterest.  Get your hot glue guns out!

Here's something easy.  Place white candles in glass holders with acorns.  Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

Another centerpiece idea, wrap your tall candles with Indian Corn and add twine.  This makes a nice rustic yet beautiful piece to place on your table.

This is one of my favorites.  I love cinnamon (I always add a little to my coffee grounds before I brew a pot).  Wrap your candles in cinnamon sticks (you'll need a little glue here) and wrap twine around the whole piece.  The smell in the house is heavenly...if you like cinnamon that is.

I thought this was very creative.  Everyone is using white pumpkins these days, so here's a new twist to pumpkin carving...don't.  Just add...wait for it...panty hose around the pumpkin for a more creative flair.  Very interesting but so uniquely elegant too.  hmmmm.

What a cute treat the kids will love.  I bet they'd like making these even more than eating them. The girls from Our Best Bites have some good ideas, so visit them and follow their step by step directions on how to make these turkeys.
And my favorite-  good old fashioned Rice Krispy treats.  Make them with some orange food coloring, roll them in a ball, and add a tootsie roll in the center to complete the pumpkins.  What a festive little dessert for the kids at holiday parties.

For more creative Fall ideas, you can visit my Pinterest board.  Hope you all enjoyed and are now inspired to fall into Fall!  I just had to say that.