Tips and Tricks #19- This and That

It's Tuesday and we love Tuesdays!  Why?  Because around here, we share tips and tricks from around blogland, pinterest, and my own pointers from Lewisville.  If you haven't signed up to follow Lewisville Love you can head on over to the side bar and pick from all the social media outlets.  What's your favorite?  What's easiest?  I typically find facebook to be my personal favorite, but it's only because I like being entertained, and facebook makes me laugh.  What can I say;  I have funny friends!

Ok, so on  to the tips!  I try my very best to give you the sources for each tip I have, but it's not always easy.  As always, I hope you find something that will help you out around your own home and family life.

Tip 1.  Fall is just around the corner, and before you know it, you'll be trading in the flip flops for your boots.  Here's a great and inexpensive way to dress up your look.  Buy some old sweaters from a second hand store and cut off the sleeves.  Stretch them out if you have to and use them as fake boot socks like the picture below.  This way, your legs and feet won't be hot all day.  I love the look of brown boots with black pants by the way!

Tip 2.  Ok, I know this sounds weird, but I've done this many times and it does work.  When you or someone in your family is suffering from a really bad cough, rub a generous amount of  Vick's VaporRub on your FEET.  Put socks on like normal and wait about 15 minutes.  The cough is subdued and everyone can get a good nights rest.  Seriously, this works.  Stock up on the vaporRub this winter.

Tip 3.  Are you a Costco shopper?  I buy my staple items there and the occasional seasonal items.  I love the quality of products they carry, but did you know they actually have sales.  Costco doesn't advertise their sale items, but here's a great site that tells you all about their SECRET PRICE CODES!  Do you hear me shouting?  If you look at their price sheets and find items ending with a .97 price, you're getting a good deal. If there's a litter star in the right corner, that means the item will not be re-ordered.  Some good tips here and there's more.
Tip 4. Who loves hanging curtains?  Not me!  I'm short and somehow, my rod is always uneven. I found a great way to hang curtains using a home made template.  Take cardboard or paper, cut an area for your window trim and mark where you want to drill your holes for your rod.  Poke holes where you marked your cardboard.  Now flip it to the other side of the window and the holes will mark where you need to drill on the other side.  Good idea from Miss Mustardseed.

Tip 5.  If you're working on decorating a room, this last tip just may be a bit of a lifesaver for you.  Take Popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Carry them with you on the go to match furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.  Now that's a good idea.  You just have to remember to paint a stick while you're painting a room.

I know there's a lot of this and that in today's Tips and Tricks, but I know we put them in the back of our mind and pull them out when needed.  What will you use first?  Hope you found something helpful.