Tips and Tricks #18. Party Ideas with BALLOONS!

Well, here we are.  It's the first week back to school for us here in Lewisville, and that means we are back on a schedule!  Woohoo! I love the capricious variety of activities we get to enjoy during the summer, but there's something about being on a schedule that is a welcome change.  I welcome it at least; my kids not so much???

Now, it's back to a compartmentalized schedule- home school now, clean at this time, work on a project here, blog later, and so on and so forth.  It will take us a while to get back into the school groove.  The weather has been exceptional though, and we love getting out to the pool a few times a week.  We're going to milk that until it snows I'm sure.

But enough about that.  I know why you're here.  It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday!  Today's post is all about adding balloons to your party.  My tips come Pinterest (my 'Party' board), so if you would like to pin the tip on a board for yourself, head on over to Pinterest and become a follower.  You can click on the icon on the top right bar to make it faster.  There are other ways you can follow Lewisville Love too, and I would LOVE that!   You can click to follow by  facebook, twitter,  or follow by email (no junk mail- I promise).  You name it; we'll have you connected 24/7.

So let's Party- with BALLOONS!

Tip 1.  Glitter filled balloons! So easy and what a great idea for a party.  You just fill the balloon with glitter before you blow it up.  Be careful not to breathe in though while you're blowing.  You want the balloon full of glitter, not your mouth. 
 Tip 2.  If you're having a party at night, your balloons can still stand out by adding a glow stick in each one!  What a great idea.  Glow sticks are sold at all the $1 stores.  They make a beautiful luminous light, don't you think?
Tip 3.  I tried to find the source for this, but to no avail.  The idea is great, though, and very sweet.  Pin pictures to helium balloons for a different kind of chandelier over the table.  This is a great way for guest to "see" the memories other than on a picture board.

Tip 4.   Here's a great way to add a balloon garden to your party.  Stake your helium filled balloons to the ground using golf tees.  Vary the lengths for more impact.  Think of all the great possibilities.

 Tip 5.   I just saw something like this on HGTV's Design Star, and I just think this looks so pretty.  Cut up plastic table cloths and hang them on the ceiling like so.  In the center where they're gathered, add a bouquet of balloons.  This definitely stands out!

Tip 6.  Balloons and streamers always go together.  Here, they make a nice back drop.  Notice how the colors of the balloons are bunched together, but the streamers are shuffled.  Nice job.
Tip 7.  And for those of us who are blessed with snow days, how about snow balloons.  This is a very creative and inexpensive way to add color to all that white.  Fill your balloons with water and food coloring.  Swish. Let them freeze outside overnight, then cut the plastic balloon off of them.  You're left with a colorful path.
So are you planning a party soon?  There's so much you can do with balloons to make your party a decorating success!  I hope you found the balloon tips helpful. We'll see you back here on Thursday!