Tips and Tricks #16

Summer is wrapping up, but you wouldn't know it from this record breaking heat.  The Back to School sales are in full swing, and in a few weeks kids around the country will be hitting the books again.  My kids are thrilled; they can't wait.  Hahaha.

So it's Tuesday again.  I have a few more tips and trick to share with you all.  Many of these, I haven't even done myself, but I'll be getting busy this week completing some of these projects.  All of these projects can be found on my Tips and Tricks board on Pinterest. 

Tip 1.  Don't you just love organized closets.  Purses can get to be such a mess if you hang them on typical closet hangers.  Here's a better way to hang and organize them.  Use shower curtain holders! The holders are smaller and slide easily for extra room.

Tip 2.  This tip is for my California beach-going friends, but it will work for any one coming in from a day on the water.  Here's a great way to rinse your feet with a hose without getting them dirty all over again.  So genius, but I've always done it the hard way.

Tip 3.  It's hard to believe right now, but snow days are coming.  My kids love playing outside in the snow, but there are days that harsh winter weather won't allow it.  Here's a way to keep them occupied without the use of a t.v. or computer.  The simple solution is masking tape!  Make a hop-scotch, bulls eye, or four square table.  Remember all those games we played in grade school.  Pull them inside with the use of tape.

Tip 4.  I love this tip and you can be sure I'll be doing it this week.  You all know how much  I love natural, homemade cleaners.  I use vinegar for just about everything, but let's be honest.  It smells. Here's a tip to help your nose.  Soak orange peels in vinegar for two weeks in a sealed mason jar, then pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Use as a non-toxic and yummy smelling "green" cleaner.

Tip 5. I love the natural look of bamboo blinds.  If I could afford it, every room in my home would be flaunting them.  I have found that the smaller sizes have decent prices at the home improvement stores, and that all you need in your smaller rooms.  Bamboo blinds are a clever solution for hiding open shelves in a laundry space.

Hope you all found something to bless your house and those in it.  Have a great week everyone. Later this week I'll be updating you on that beach themed bathroom!