Home school room inspiration

The school books have arrived, the calendar is set, and we are ready to start school!  This will be our 8th year homeschooling our kids, but it's our very first year we'll be starting in August. "Very strange and not right,"- my kids keep reminding me.
When we started homeschooling  , we lived in Idaho and set aside a bedroom as our office and kid's school room.  As the family has grown and moved a few times, we no longer have an extra room dedicated as our school room.  Our kids make due with what we call our "kitchen table".  Home school storage is always a problem for us though.  This year, I have a plan, but you won't get to see it until later this week.  The pictures below are what inspired me to get my home school organization act together. With so many home school families now, there are many great ideas out there.  Here are a few I found.  Whether you home school or not, these are beautifully organized rooms to inspire us, and don't we all want that?

I like the long table acting as a desk for 3-4 students.  The cabinets underneath are a great way to seperate and store their work.

Bookshelves fill this room and keep everything nicely organized.
I like how every child has a their own calendar and dedicated space.  

Putting the kids work in frames and hanging it on the wall is a great way to display their efforts.
For little ones, little desk are best.  Ask local schools if they're getting rid of any.  You might surprised how willing they are to give them away.  Again, separating kids with these 10 drawer organizers is very smart.

One of my favorites!  I'm looking for a brown map like this, maybe not quite so big.   This is perfect for older kids and can be used as a hang out room and school room.

Moms know what works for their kids.  Every homeschool space is different, and I love that this mom painted an old table.  The charts on the walls and school chairs complete this great space.

  Most homeschool families I know do their schooling around the kitchen table.  That's exactly where my homeschool space is too.  So how do you incorporate school while keeping your dining decor?  Share the space and keep it organized.

Bookshelves are key for us, but our bookcase fell apart after our move.  We fixed it as best we could last school  year, but it finally died right before school ended.  I had time to think about what I really wanted with our limited space.  That's the key to your organizing and decorating.  You can't use someone else's space or their organizing unites.  I always think about what I know will work best in the best place for our family.  With that, no other space can compare.