Tips and Tricks Tuesday #13

Sorry this post is coming out a little late.  My mama is visiting Lewisville this week and let's just say we are having too much fun!  Whoop! Whoop!  Thus, Tips & Tricks Tuesday is coming out a little later than usual- sorry about that folks.  

But for your viewing pleasure, I have picked a few tips and tricks from around Pinterest.  Again, you can re-pin from my tips & tricks boards or follow HERE.  

So without further ado, (and really so I can get back to the fun we're having here-whoop! whoop!) here are this weeks tips and tricks.

Tip 1.  Here's a great science experiment for your kids.  All ice is not equal?  Who would have thought?  Apparently, freezing boiling water will make ice cubes that are clear.  Freezing room temperature water will create a cloudy cube.  Think of the fun you can have freezing fruit and other items kids can see. 

Tip 2.  All DIYers will appreciate this one.  How do you remove a nail from a wall without damaging the paint?  Wrap a rubber band around the hammer's head like so.  It will keep the head from making contact with the wall and damaging it!


Tip 3.  I rarely by fresh herbs and spices because I'm always afraid I will end up wasting most of my purchase.  Don't you just hate throwing away food?  Now I know how to avoid such a catastrophe when it comes to fresh herbs.  Simply cut your extras and freeze them with olive oil.  When you're ready to use them, pop out an "olive oil" herbcicle and warm it up in your pan.  Love this idea!

Tip 4.  I just love fun party ideas when it comes to food and kids.    Here's an idea to press your ice cream into a 9 X 11 pan.  Use a cookie cutter to shape the ice cream for your kid's guest...or yours.  The hearts are sweet here, but there are so many cookie cutter possibilities out there to choose from!

That's all for today.  Next week, I'll be giving you my very first tips and tricks recipe!  A real, actual recipe for you to make and consume and hopefully enjoy with your family.  See you later this week with an update on the kid's beach themed bathroom makeover. It's coming along!