Tips and Tricks #11

So are you melting yet? Hot doesn't even begin to describe what it's like here in Denver.  We are miserable  without a home air conditioner- which I think not having one is strange because this is a newer home.  I guess I should be thankful that my energy bill won't be effected.  Then again, my kids have been turning on the water hose every day to cool off, so I may just get an $800 water bill. 

We've been eating lots of ice cream and watermelon, hitting the library where it's nice and cool, and visiting our community pools which we all LOVE.  I know come December, I'm going to be missing some of this hot weather, but right now in July- I'm missing a little December.

But on to why I'm writing today- Tips and Tricks Tuesday! Whoop! Whoop!

Today, all of these tips and tricks come from Pinterest. I have a Tips & Tricks board if you'd like to take a look and re- pin them onto your own boards.
This first one just kills me....why? Because I just added polka dots to a piece of furniture HERE.  Of course I would find something just a few weeks later showing me how much easier it is to paint them.  I hope this is in time and helps those of you out there planning a project with polka dots.

Tip 1.  Dip an pencil eraser in paint to add the perfect polka dot.  I did it the hard way as in paint brush, unsteady hand, and not perfect. 

Tip 2.  You know those pool noodles you can get at the Dollar Tree for $1, grab a few and cut them up.  They make the perfect boot forms and keep boots from sagging.  Boot forms in the store can be expensive, but we'll just solve that little problem right here and now!  Brilliant I tell you!

Tip 3.  When my kids were little, I always had to have a grocery store full of snacks with me.  Kids are always, always hungry.  I love this idea of putting individual snacks in a tackle box/jewelry box.  I know you can find boxes like this at craft stores.  This may make a long drive, not so long if they have the goods to sustain their kiddie metabolisms.  I think this would work great as a lunch box too.

Tip 4.  Do you have a project that requires hanging.  Instead of buying a kit from your hardware store, pop the tab off a can. Screw it in and hang.  I love money saving ideas, don't you?

Tip 5. When it's time to hang pictures, do you spend entirely too much time trying to measure the spot where the two nails go?  I do.  To save time and your sanity, place tape across the wall hanging and mark with a pen where the nails go.  Take the tape off and apply it to wall.  Screw the nails in from your pen marked tape and voila! The nails are measured perfectly to the wall hanging.  GREAT IDEA!

Hope you liked all the tips and tricks today.  I am always looking for ways to save money and make life easier.  All my Tips and Tricks Tuesdays are designed with that in mind.  Go ahead and take a look at the past few weeks if you've missed any of them.
Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.