Painting the Kids' Bathroom

There's one room in the house that doesn't get much of my attention.  It's the kids' bathroom.  It's small and plain and I haven't done a thing to decorate it since we moved in...9 months ago.

The only color in this room comes from the old Target shower curtain we've had for years. It was perfect for the girls when they were little, but they've outgrown it and their brother isn't to fond of the "girly" colors and butterflies.

It's your typical builder basic, plain jane bathroom with absolutley no imagination.  The only towel holder in the room is this small round hand towel ring that is set to low.  You can fit a wash cloth there, but not a hand towel.  ANNOYING.

See. Plain.  No towel racks or shelves.  Not one single hook or rack to place or hang your towels or clothes- except the toilet seat. Not to crazy about that.  I've been thinking about this bathroom for a while. It needs true function for three kids and the theme/decor needs fit a boy and his two older sisters.

After thinking about it for a while, I came up with a beach themed bathroom.  I think this is perfect since we come from California and we lived just a few miles from the beach.  My girls have participated in a church surf camp before, and our entire family misses those beautiful California beaches. Why not bring a little California beach to Colorado?  Beach themed bathroom it is! 

I started looking through Pinterest and pinning beach ideas to my bathroom board.  You can see that HERE.
Then, a few weeks ago I heard that that ACE Hardware was giving away a quart of FREE paint.  I love that word - FREE!  Don't you?  This would be my 3rd FREE quart of FREE paint from this wonderful store just this years.  I have grey and yellow for the girls room, and I pick up this lovely blue with their last promotion.

This paint color is called Venice Beach! How perfect is that!  So off I go to paint my small bathroom with a quart of paint. Believe it or not, I was able to get it all painted with just this one quart.  I surprised even myself, fully expecting to go back to Ace to buy a quart to finish the job.  I used just about every drop, even scraping the sides of the can.

Sorry for the bad lighting.

The worst part about painting a bathroom is painting around and behind the toilet.  Allison from House of Hepworths gave a great tip a few weeks ago on how to protect the toilet from your paint madness and mayhem.  Simply take the the lid off the tank and place a trash bag over the tank. Ummm, that's Brilliant.  I've always painted, slowly and carefully around the toilet with the tank lid on, inhibiting my brush space.
My toilet is really, really tight against the wall though.  Painting behind there was not an easy task.  I'll tell you all about how I finally got the wall painted behind the tank tomorrow.  Yup, one extra post for Lewisville this week!  I'm trying to get more out there, but you know- life, wife, momma, teacher, etc.  Blogger is a new title for me and I'm still adjusting. L-O-V-E it though.

Another little painting tip for you,  always paint with a wet rag near by.  I take the time to tape off with blue painters tape, but some how (my impatience mixed with a little clumsiness) I get paint in all the places I didn't want it to go- floors, counters, the chair I stand on.  Ya, pretty much everywhere.

Ok, so here is the final paint product.  I think Venice Beach is a great way to start our beach themed bathroom.

I know, the shower curtain needs to go.  I'm thinking something fun like a sunset orange/reddish color.  Not sure, but I see shopping in my furture.  I'll also be putting up shelves above the toilet for much needed storage.

Sorry about those bright lights.  I probably should have cropped the picture a little more.  I did manage to take off that towel ring that was ridiculously to low.  I spakled the wall up and painted over my work.  I'll put the towel ring up again, higher of course, and after a coat of spray paint.

And on this wall, some towel hooks for the kiddos.  I have some fun, beach themed ideas but you'll get to see it all when I do the final reveal!

So do you like the color?  I let all my facebook followers in on great deals I find like FREE paint.  If you'd like to hear about it, make sure you click to follow on facebook.

See you tomorrow.