Tips and Tricks #9 & a Summer Schedule

It's another Tuesday and that means more helpful tips and tricks from Lewisville, Pinterest, and blogland!

Let's get started shall we!  I bought tons of these white plastic hangers from Target a few months ago.  $1 for a dozen was a good deal and they are perfect for my girls rooms.  I like my hangers to match; is that weird?  I think matching hangers make things look more organized.  The only problem is tank tops and summer dresses fall off easily from these hangers, but this little tip keeps that from happening and solves the problem of messy floors full of clothes.

TIP 1.  Wrap pipe cleaners around plastic hangers to keep your clothes from slipping.  I'm putting yellow and silver cleaners on the girls hangers to match their room colors.  Love this idea!

TIP 2.  Butter production is typically best in June and July ( I have no idea why) but that means lower prices.  Have you noticed these lower prices at the grocery store yet?  I shop Costco for butter and right now the price is about $6 for 4 lbs (4 boxes of 4 sticks).  That's a great price and since butter freezes for up to 6 months, now's the time to buy and stock up especially for all that holiday baking.

Tip 3.  I have these kitchen cabinets that don't reach the ceiling.  Every few months, I crawl on top of my counters and attempt to clean the tops of those cabinets with my extended vacuum hose.  It's a sight to see indeed.  Dust and grease and everything else gets up there.  This is a great idea and again one of those, "why didn't I think of that?"  Just place wax paper on top of those cabinets.  You may need to tape them down though.  Every few months, get up there, throw them away, and replace with new liners. 

Tip 4.  For all the mamas who are home with kids this summer, I know you want to enjoy the days with your kids with out hearing the words, "I'm Bored".   There are several blogs sites out there that give you some great ideas of summer activities to do with kids.  I asked my kids what they wanted to do, and their answers ranged from roller skating to reading.  We came up with a schedule that we can look forward to on a daily basis.  Those open star days, mean we can do another activity like roller skating or just hang at home.

Around 4p.m. they have to do their chores as I'm prepping dinner.  If you'd like to see their chore chart, you can find it HERE.  Fridays are our big shopping days.  We shop at a few grocery stores and if  there's anything we need from Target or Home Depot etc. we try to hit those stores as well.  It can be a long day for us, so we reward ourselves with ice cream!  Ice cream always makes us feel better!

Are you stuck on what activities you can do with your kids?  Visit some of my favorite summer kids sites.

1.  KOKOKOKids: Big Summer Post  This is in Russian, but just hit the translate button on top.  There are lost of great FREE ideas here with tons of creativity.   Your kids will love the things they came up with!

2. The Crafting Chicks Summer.  This site not only gives you ideas but FREE printable labels you can cut out and place in your own "I'm Bored" jars or boxes.  When the kids say, "I'm Bored", take out one of the labels and do the activity that it says. 

3.  Six Sister's Stuff.  Here is a list of 100 things you can do with your kids! 

As always, you can find my tips and tricks on Pinterest and pin them to your boards.  Here's to the start of a great and active Summer!