Pretty Tissue Poms

Years ago, many, many years ago, cheerleaders used to make their own pom poms. It's true.  They'd sit around in a circle the night before a game or pep rally and carefully craft their poms in their school colors.  Today, of course, things have changed, but these tissue poms are making a a decorative way.  Tissue poms are becoming popular again to use at weddings, birthday parties, and even bedroom decor.  I love the way pretty tissue poms hang from the ceiling as if they're floating in the air.  Beautiful.  Ethereal. Sweet.  Want to learn how to make them?  Let go!

The rules for making tissue poms is - there are NO RULES!  If you want big poms, use large pieces of tissue.  If you want small ones, cut the tissue in half.  If you want fuller poms, use extra sheets.  Here's how I make my tissue poms.  Adjust, change, add, or delete your own creativity as needed.

Step 1.  Take 8-10 sheets of tissue, the kind you wrap gifts in.  I know this statement may seem funny to some of you, but you never know who may misunderstand.  I just want to make these steps clear.

Step 2.  On the short side of your tissue, fold your paper about an inch, then flip it over and fold another inch.  Repeat this until you come to the end of the paper.  

Think of making a fan, like when you were a kid.  This is called an "accordion" fold and it should look like this in the end.

Step 3.  Take a piece of string, rope, twine, ribbon- whatever you have lying around- and tie it in the middle of your folded tissue.  I used flower wire here. 

Step 4.  Cut the edges of each side.  The tissue is thick, so do a few at a time. If the cut is pointed, the pom will have a "Dahlia-like" flower look.  If it's rounded, it will be puffed and have a floral look.

This is what it will look like when the middle is tied and the edges are cut.  These are the rounded cuts.

Step 5.  Tie a long piece of string, rope, twine, ribbon- whatever you have lying around- and tie it around your "flower wire".  This piece will be used to hang the pom and it works best if you place it here on the side.

Step 6.  Separate the layers carefully, peeling one tissue at a time.

Keep peeling.

Keep peeling until one side is done. 

Step 7.  Peel tissue on the other side.

Now hang, and admire your work.  We used these for my daughter's 10th birthday party, and they're a great alternative to balloons.  Make sure you start making these well in advance though.  They're a beautiful craft but they can take some time to make.  Put on a movie, have a cup of coffee, and craft away.

Pretty, don't you think?


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