Tips & Tricks Tuesday

I love good tips!  Anything that can make my life easier as a mom, wife, home school teacher, organizer, designer, housekeeper, etc is welcome advice.  As women, we figure out how to do things, don't we?

We figure out how  to do thing- inexpensively.
We figure out how to do things- in less time.
We figure out how to do things- without hiring a professional.
We figure out how to do things- to fit our family's needs.
We figure out how to do things- right the first time, so we don't have to do it a second time.
We figure out how to do things- while doing everything else in the house.
We figure out how to do things- so everyone in the family is happy.
We figure out how to do things- well!

Last week I shared some of my favorite Tips and Tricks I've found on Pinterest.   You can read about that HERE.  With all these tips I find and some of my own I've done for years, I've decided to dedicate Tuesday's blog posts to just that, "Tip & Tricks (for you) Tuesday".

What does this mean?  I'm glad you asked!  On Tuesdays, you'll find a few tips and tricks that work for me and my family.  I know these "tips" may not work for everyone.  We are all unique and our families are all different.   I certainly do not claim to be the queen of all things home/kids/wife, but I know that I've learned so much from other women and their tips/tricks.   If I can share those things with you and they help out in some way,  then my blog has done its part in the blogosphere!
Sharing, inspiring, and helping is what Lewisville Love is all about!

Tip 1.
When I go grocery shopping with my kids, we stick to the grocery list.  Instead of hearing each of them ask for this snack or that snack, they take turns each week picking a snack.  They can pick anything they want (with mom's approval) and the other two have to wait until it's their week to pick snack.  Believe me, there's lots of negotiating going on before our grocery trips.  It goes something like this, "If you get this snack this week, I'll get this next week!"

Tip 2.
This comes from pinterest and you can find it on my Tips and Tricks board.  Did you know a Parmesan lid fits nicely on a regular mouth mason jar.  This is a great way to store things- like spices.
Did you know that a Parmesan cheese lid fits a regular mouth canning jar perfectly?  What a great idea

Tip 3.  
Here's an essential tip for all you painters out there.  This is also from Pinterest and on my Tips/ Tricks board.  Place a rubber band around a paint can to wipe off the excess from the brush.  It's better than using the sides of the can. 

Rubber band around the paint can to wipe off the excess paint is better than using the sides of the can.

Tip 4.
I love this tip and when I lived in California, going to the beach every summer included sunscreen, towels, chairs, powder.  That's right.  Sprinkle some baby powder to help wipe off the sand.  A must know for you beach bums.

Baby powder helps clean off sand.  A must for beach bums.

Tip 5.
Ok, girls, this is just for us and really the most essential tip I can give you.  For years, I give myself time each morning to sit before the Lord with my Bible open and my tea cup filled.  I call it my "quiet time" and it prepares me for whatever the day may bring.  I have found this time to pray and meditate on God's word to be necessary.  Kids are upstairs, hubby has gone to work, and it's just me and the Lord.
 Important. Necessary. Essential.

Quiet Time