Tips and Tricks Tuesday

It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday, the day of the week where I share some tips we've been doing here in Lewisville and other tricks I've found on Pinterest.  As always, you can check out my Pinterest boards where I've pinned all my great finds and repin them onto your boards.  If you haven't joined Pinterest, send me a request through email, and I'll send back an invite.  I guarantee you will love it, maybe deal with a little obsession over it, and most definitely stay up to late pinning great finds and pay for it in the next morning.  Yup, it's that great!


Tip 1.  Use Netflix for working out.  I'm sure many of you already have Netflix and see the great benefit of it.  We don't have movies sent to us anymore.  We opted out of that when they raised their prices, but we still use it to stream  movies, documentaries, and last years T.V. shows.  I use it specifically for my workouts. Yes, they have workout videos on Netflix, everything from kick boxing to pilates.  Gyms are impractical for me as a SAHM, but working out and staying fit is important.   We pay about $7 each month to have netflix on three different devices in our home (T.V.- through the wii console, computers, iphones).  Kids love it, I love it, Mr. Lewisville loves it.  So worth the $7!  You can go HERE to signup for netflix.

Tip 2.  As much as I love a good deal like Netflix for entertainment, "free" beats a good deal any day.  Have you heard of HULU?  If you haven't, get ready to waste some serious time my friends.  Hulu brings CURRENT t.v. shows to your computer.  You can pay a monthly fee to see older shows/seasons, but if you have a favorite show that you missed recently,  you can watch it on HULU- free. Here's the best part- they carry both network and cable shows.  It's easy.  No sign up/fees; just search for your show and watch it.  There are annoying commercials, but not as long as when you watch the actual shows.  To start watching t.v. on Hulu, go HERE.

Tip 3.  What do those stickers mean on your fruit?  In Lewisville, we eat a lot of fruit- Apples, bananas, oranges, and there are always strawberries in the freezer.  Those stickers on your fruit give you valuable information.  4 numbers mean they were conventionally grow (by the way, I always look for fruits and veggies grown in the USA rather than other countries).  5 numbers on a sticker starting with the number 8 means that it's genetically modified (GMO).  This is the worst kind of food to feed your family so please stay away from them. To learn more about GMO, watch FOOD Inc. on Netflix.   Lastly, 5 numbers starting with the number 9 means organic- the best of the three choices.

Tip 4.  I never knew about this one, but I looked it up and several sources agree that you can keep your  brown sugar soft by adding a few marshmallows to it.  My vegan friends may hate this, but there is something about the gelatin that keeps the sugar from getting hard.   Good to know.


Tip 5.  I love organizing tips.  Here's a great way to re-purpose old metal file holders/ thingamabobs?  Now why didn't I think of that?  

So do these tips and tricks help?  I hope so!  Have a blessed week everyone.  See you on Thursday or Friday with my latest project.  It all depends on when the paint dries!