My Simple Iced Coffee Recipe {Treat}

We are coffee people!  Mr. Lewisville is serious about his caffeine and only drinks espresso.  We have a beautiful espresso machine we saved up for ( yes, I used the word Beautiful to describe a machine)  that makes a great shot of a "legally addictive stimulant" each morning. 
Our Espresso Machine-love it!

 I drink tea most cold mornings (English Breakfast), then have afternoon tea about 3 or 4pm (Earl Grey). I like taking a few moments for myself to relax or read during "tea time".   Yes, I am very routine.  Here's more routine- when summer rolls around, I drink more and more coffee, but only because I like having a cold cup of iced coffee in the afternoon. 

So it's starting to warm up now and the coffee machine has been busy once again!  As much as I love holding a grande vanilla latte from Starbucks in my hands, it's just not in the budget to have a coffee from their fine establishment on a daily basis.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Starbucks.  Their stores have great atmosphere and who doesn't love having a cup of coffee while sitting outside in the fresh air.  Hubby and I love to go there once a week and just talk. It's our date night place and it gives us the opportunity to laugh together, dream together, plan together, and pray together.  It's our treat for each other and to each other.

If I lost my mind however and had a daily routine for paying for coffee, it would look a little something like this.
 $4.15 per flavored latte daily
 $20.75 to get coffee 5times a week.
That's $1,079 per year, people!
Nah Uh! No way!  Not gonna happen. 

Instead, I make my own latte at home and my own iced coffee.
Here's my Lattes Recipe where a good espresso machine is needed. Don't worry.  If you don't have an espresso machine, stay tuned for "my" simple Iced Coffee recipe made from your $20 coffee maker.  (And I think the coffee is just as good!)

1 shot of espresso ( or 2 if needed)
Add 1 shot or 2 tablespoons of your favorite flavor -more if you like it sweet.  (I use Torani syrups)
Add milk almost to the top of your glass.  Mix well.
Add Ice.
This is a Beautiful shot of espresso with perfect creme

On most days, I just make my iced coffee which taste just as good and I'm pretty sure has fewer calories.
Here's how to make a great cup of iced coffee.

1.  Brew your coffee as normal but make it STRONG.  I make it in the morning and drink a hot cup to wake me up.  Whatever is left over I use for my iced coffee later.
 2.  When the coffee is still warm, add sugar to your liking and mix until the sugar is dissolved.  You can keep it in the pot, put it in a pitcher, or pour it into the glass you will be using.
3.  Put your warm coffee into the refrigerator and let it cool until you're ready to drink later.
4.  When you're ready for a mid-day pick me up, add cream or your favorite flavored creamer.

5.  Add Ice and you're ready to enjoy a .50cent cup of Iced Coffee!  (ok, I really have no idea how much this cost per cup but I do know it's a lot less than a daily dose of coffee foo foo!)

So having a daily iced coffee/latte addiction doesn't have to cost you the bank after all, and when you make it yourself, it taste so much better I think.  Enjoy!


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