Yellow and Grey picture board and a COUPON for you!

Sometimes you just need a quick little project to pass the day.  My kids have been sick, and we have been in the house for while.  Thus, a little project for mom was needed in order to keep it all level here in Lewisville.

I've had this picture board for a few months.  I bought it at a yard sale in California for just $1.  Yes, California.  The fact that we've lived in Colorado now for 6 months tells you just how long I've been packing this baby around.  I decided to finally get it done.

My girls are12 and 10 now, so they've outgrown the pink, princess theme.  Thank You!
They (together) had to come up with a new color scheme for their room. They chose (with a little help from pinterest) Yellow and Grey!  I couldn't be happier.

It came out so much better than I envisioned!  The most time consuming part of this project was taking the board apart.  Who ever made this thing wanted to make sure no one changed it .  Challenging indeed, but in the end, I prevailed!
The buttons came off first, and I was pleased to see they were like the button kits you find at craft and fabric stores.  They come apart and you can cover them with your own material.

I carefully pulled off the hardware and set it aside because it was all going to be put back on again.

Then it was time to pull off the ribbon and material; this is where I spent most of my time.  Someone went happy with a staple gun and stapled this board like crazy!  It took at least an hour...

and I still couldn't get all the staples out.

 I resolved that some where just going to have to stay there.  They just weren't budging.  
(Add annoyed look here!)

I took the old piece of material and cut out the new materiel to to the same size.  We got it from Jo-Anne's with a 40% off coupon. I spent about $5 for the yard and used about half.  The girls had fun picking it out themselves.  Mom helped of course.

Now it was my turn to go crazy with the staple gun.  Muahahaha!  Actually, it was my first time using a staple gun.  Mr. Lewisville gave me one for Christmas and I am so thankful he did.  I love it.  The project went by so much faster with it.


I marked where the hardware would go back on.  Very important.

Corner are pulled tight and tucked under.  Then staple, staple, staple!

Now for ribbon.  I had this ribbon on hand and thought how perfect it would go with the board.  The shimmering silver is beautiful but it just didn't really match the yellow material.  We Lewisville girls love bling, but this was just a bit too much.

We decided the white ribbon looked great!  I measured and hot glued the ribbon on the board.

Then I did something weird different.  I covered the buttons with the shimmering silver ribbon and left it as square as possible.  The girls got some bling on there after all.

Now it hangs beautifully on their bedroom wall waiting to be filled with pictures of friends and family.

 The board does hang on two nails from the original hardware, but I love the look of hanging it from ribbon.  I hammered the nail in first, then pulled it out and put the nail through the back of this bow.  Push the nail back in and everything hangs nicely while hiding the nail. (By the way, my bow making skills were put to the test...argh!)

So now for my favorite part.  BEFORE


A quick project that turned out LOVEly!  I know some of the pictures are dark.  Sorry about that.  I'm working on picmonkey now since picnik has closed (boohoo), but I noticed their "basic fix" feature makes the photos more grainy.  I tried to lighten without going shiny.  Still working on different photo editors.  I'll be trying ipiccy again, but I wasn't thrilled with it so we'll see.  Any suggestions?

By the way, Jo-Anne Fabrics is having a 50% off sale until Saturday.  Grab a COUPON HERE.
Have a great weekend all.


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