The table with split personalities

Wowzers!   This has been one BUSY week.  We are on Spring Break and when I say "we", I mean the kids and MEWE are on "vacation". When you home school,  mom (that's me) and teacher (that's me too) look forward to a day off of school, and dare I say, I actually count the days sometimes until the next day off.  In my case now, that's summer. HoHum.  That seems so far away.
For Lewisville, we use our kitchen table to home school.  Yes, we have desks for the kids.  I've searched craigslist and yard sales, sanded and painted desks, and purchased beautiful knobs for the desk drawers just so my kids can have a place of their own to study and expand their minds in the areas of science, math, and the written word.  I've given them a place of their own to study, but somehow they have thrown the idea of solitude in studies away and opted for....congregating and schooling at the kitchen table... all of them... at the same time.  I don't fight it anymore.  The kitchen table (our only table), which I just finished painting by the way, is used for home schooling my three munchkins.  It also serves as my craft area, my desk, and every night we sit around it for our family meal.  On a typical school day, it may or may not look a little something like this.  I'm not confessing to anything.

What?  Don't toys and schoolbooks always go together?

For the kids, spring break means swimming and playing outside. For me, momma and teacher, Spring break means spring cleaning!  We have been clearing out closets, re-arranging furniture, packing up winter clothes, and all around cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Don't worry.  The kids are getting their fun in too.  It feels so good to get these things done.  What is it about having a clean house that makes you feel great, almost victorious in a Super Bowl kind of way?  I don't know, but I like having the kid's rooms clean and organized.  Now I'm faced with the realization that some serious decorating needs to be happening.  Their rooms are very plain, paint less, and downright boring.  They are such creative and vibrant kids too.  They deserve rooms just as colorful as their personalities.  This is not a spring break kind of job though.  This is the first month of summer kind of job.  Come on, June!

Since we are on spring break, my table is getting a little rest from the school books, but not from being used of course.  This last weekend I was working hard on getting my taxes done.  The kitchen table was used to help me organize a few things.  Here's what it may or may not have looked like.  Again, I'm not confessing to anything.

Last week, everyone was showing their Easter table's and how beautifully they were decorated.  It's called "tablescape".  Did you know that?  I didn't until just a few weeks ago.  We have a name for table decor other than table decor!  I saw some beautiful and elegant tables out there.  Very creative people showed us their perfect dining room tables days before they sat down to their Easter meals.   I love looking into people's home, don't you? especially when they invite you!  I was in awe and completely fascinated with all the tablescapes out there, not necessarily at the beautiful tables though.  You come to expect that in decor/DIY blogs.  I was in awe that these ladies did it days if not a full week before Easter Sunday!
Dining room tables for tablescapes?  What a great concept, just not plausible for Lewisville right now!  My table truly is used for living.

I did finally get it all cleaned up and ready for Easter dinner.  I didn't spend any money on decor; just used what I had and I think it turned out great.  Perfect for the five of us.
 I borrowed the candles from my spring mantle and the eggs where something my oldest daughter brought home from a youth group egg hunt.  I put them to good use.  I didn't have any fresh flowers, but the kids don't care about that kind of stuff.  We put some Easter candy in a jar and called it the centerpiece!  The kids of course like that kind of centerpiece over flowers any day.

Somebody's ready to eat!

I'm still working on painting and re-covering my dining room chairs.  All in time!


I'm using paper napkins because I don't have enough linen napkins for our little tribe. Something to put on the list.  The crystal water goblets were my great grandmother's handed down to me.  My china was a wedding gift from my mom 18 years ago.  I actually found 72 additional pieces at a thrift store last year!  I picked them up for a whopping $17.  I now have enough for a service of 26!  Not sure when I'll ever need that much, but it was a deal I couldn't refuse. 
 And one last one.

This table serves us well!  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!