Sassy Brassy more!

We all have one of these, don't we?  Ok, maybe you got rid of yours a long time ago, but as for me, I keep things way to long sometimes. I think this lamp has been around since my college days, maybe high school?  I won't go into detail how long ago that was exactly, but lets just say this little light of mine saw me dress in some pretty "loud" outfits I don't care to recall.   (Can you say Z Cavaricci? )  At least I got rid of the outfits!

The lamp works great, though. It's been in my son's room shining on the "interesting" color combinations he puts together for an outfit now.  Hmmm, like mother, like son?  I think he's cool though, and  I love every "Unique" outfit he puts on.

Now, this lamp has been needing a make over for a while.  Last weekend we did some Spring Cleaning in the kids room's and I just couldn't stand it any longer.  I looked over at Sassy Brassy and said, "It's time!  We can no longer dwell under the same roof together unless something changes." I decided right then, that lamp was going to get WORKED!  And it did!

So much better don't you think?  Now, I know we all have sassy brassy lamps around.  I'm actually looking for more in the thrift stores to complete the master bedroom nightstands.  For just a few dollars, we can make any lamp look like we want. I changed the color for about $4.  Spray paint is a marvelous invention.

First I sanded the lamp just a bit.

I used a coat of Rust-Oleum spray primer in grey. 

Then I used this.

I was in Home Depot for about 15 minutes trying to decide what shade of silver I wanted.  There's a lot to choose from I found out.  Did I want a nickel finish or a bright metallic?  I really couldn't figure out what the difference was in all the choices.  I bought a metallic color before and used in on my Cereal Art Project, but I really didn't care for the overall results.  

I ended up talking to the handy dandy sales associate who was tall enough to get the spray paint cans down for me.  He said he always used this one over the others, and he liked it the best.  That was good enough form me, and it was the cheapest too.  Cool!

Here's a close up.

I also bought a new lamp shade from Target.  I'll be covering it later with fabric, and, yes, I'll be sure to show you the outcome.

There were some cracked spots.  If anyone notices, I'd be surprised.  You'd have to really inspect the lamp to find the flaws.  

Overall, I think it looks great.  I spent about $15 for the lamp makeover, and it's totally worth it.

What a great contrast to his black, shiny, captain's bed- found on craigslist and painted by mom also.
Those walls could use some color though, don't you think?  Working on it!


I love the results!  What do you think?


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