Spring Mantel Inspiration

Spring is here!  Spring is here!  SPRING is HERE!  Goodbye Snow!  Goodbye jackets, and gloves, and hats!  See ya laterrrr!  Hello shorts and flip flops.  Hello beautiful spring flowers.  I've missed you. Welcome back and please, stay a while.

Yes, Spring is here.  Have I mentioned that?  The sun is out; there's a warm breeze a flowing, and the kids are playing outside!  Woohoo! (outside people, as in not in the house all day driving me going crazy.) Just kidding.  Love the munchkins!

I would like, very much, to have a garden like this.  ´╗┐To bad I don't have a green thumb,
but I will try anyway!
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Via images.meredith.com

With all this "Spring is Sprung" blogging going on, I've got the bug to decorate for the season.  I don't usually decorate for seasons, but I've always loved the idea.  Now that I'm on this journey of loving Lewisville and making it homey for my homies (hehehe, I kill even myself sometimes ) my mind is always going and thinking of what I can do to make Lewisville nice.... and beautiful.... and lovely for the family.  I love this journey I'm on.  Even though I've been home for 12 years, I never thought of myself as a "homemaker".  I was never very good at making the home.  Good mom? Yes.  Loving wife? You bet.  A maker of my my home? Not so much.  I just didn't know how to do it  without breaking the bank.  Now, I've been bitten and smitten by the creative bug, and I've just decided to make my home the way I want it for as little money as possible. 

So this week, I'm working on my Spring mantel.  I have a very awkward fireplace and the mantel is equally  awkward. So I decided to look through blogs and pinterest for some inspiration.  Want to see?

Love the mirror and glass canisters.  That wreath-I'm so there!  Nice job from Erin at The Sunnyside Up 

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Martha, Martha.  You are creative and inspirational about many things!  Love the colors.  It is "A Good Thing."

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via Martha Stewart

Oh EM Gee-ness!  This is beautiful!!!  I love the idea of putting up Spring Artwork. You can visit Beth at Stories from A2Z

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More artwork and white vases. I would love to copy and paste this onto my mantel.Pinned Image
Via HomeGoods.com

No mantel? No problem.  Look at this great idea to put anywhere in the house.  A birdcage in blue with a nest screams spring, and those flowers in a box- I can do that!  Yes, yes, I think I can!

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                                                     Via Better Homes and Gardens

And one last bit of artwork and my favorite part about Spring....

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      He is Risen indeed!  Via Signs by Andrea

Phew!  I've got my work cut out for me.  Ok, truth.  I've been working on my mantel, but now that I've seen all these beautiful pictures, I reserve the right to change my mind here and there.  Yup, pretty sure I will.  I'll let you see what I come up with on Friday.