$7 Spring Mantel

Today is the "official" first day of Spring!  Well, as I'm writing this, we still have 4 more hours here in mountain time, but by the time you're reading this it will be Spring indeed!  So-Yes!  Spring is here.  Bring it!  I've been waiting.  Oh, I have been patiently waiting.

Keeping in line with the whole Spring is here, I finally got around to decorating my mantel.  I showed you a few of my inspiration pictures here in this post.  Today, I finally finished, just in time for you all to visit.
Do you want to hear the best part?  Yes, I know you do.  It cost me $7 total.  I decided to use what I had and only purchase a few items like crepe paper and those glass candle holders.  I love it when I spend very little money and get a huge return, so does Mr. Lewisville. Your husband's like that too, right?

Anyway, here it is!

And just to be honest with you and let you know what it's really like living in Lewisville, here's a before picture of my mantel and everyday/ typical life.

See.  My awkward mantel is the catch-all for "THINGS" no one in my house knows where to put away apparently. 

So I bought these glass candle holders at the Dollar Tree and just added ribbon to add color.  The black candle holders I've had for years and you can see one in the picture above with a red red candle.  Love how this turned out for just $2!  SCORE.

Then there's the Spring teacup and teapot.  I LOVE, LOVE beautiful teacups and I am, in fact, a daily tea drinker; however, I never drink from my fancy beauties.  Maybe this will inspire me.

I was an English Lit major and I always purchase old books of my favorite authors.  My teapot sits upon Milton and Dickens.
I talked about how to make a paper rosette topiary here.  It's a very simple craft and I added the rosettes throughout the mantel.

The gold mirror I've had forEVER, but it had been sitting in the garage, damaged from our move.  It took me a better part of Saturday to fix it up all pretty again.  The wreath I use for Christmas and just added some rosettes for color.  The mirror and the wreath make the mantel so much more complete.

So, there you have it.  Hopefully it stays pretty and clean for at least a few days.  Ok.... I'd be happy with a few hours. 

A few more pics just for fun.
Long and awkward mantel, but much prettier now.

Well, it beats having a wii remote, pens/pencils, and my son's hotwheels on the mantel.
I like how it turned out.  Are you working on any spring decor?  Easter is coming up and I have a few things I'm getting ready to show you.  You know there will be easy DIY Easter projects ready for you to tackle.  Come on back and take a look.


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