Happy Heart Day to you and what makes my heart happy

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

For weeks now we've been bombarded with red and pink hearts everywhere.  It seems that with every "holiday" and special made up holiday like Valentines, the hype gets bigger and bigger.  Valentines cards, chocolates, roses, love, love, love in every direction.  Have you made your reservations for dinner?  Did you get the perfect gift?  In Lewisville, my home, we do things without Cupid's arrow.  We love Valentines day, of course!  I've been married to my one and only for nearly 18 years now, but there's not an arrow in the world strong enough that can keep two people together for that long- Please! 

For Lewisville, we try and do without all the hype.  We decided many years ago to have our special Valentines dinner "in".  The decision came easy since we had little ones and with the price of these special V-day dinners, we thought it best to go ahead and spend our money elsewhere, like feeding and clothing our children.  Today, now that the kids are older, we love making Valentines special for them!  They are after all, our little love bugs!
We don't go overboard with tons of gifts and cards.  Every Valentines morning, they know they'll have a special something waiting for them.  It's just a little gift we find for each of them, but it's special and they love it.  This morning, they'll be waking up to this.

I made the cards myself, just in case you couldn't tell from the pink copy paper and handwritten names.  Simple but heart felt notes inside for each of them.  And tonight, we will have a special Valentines day family dinner. I'll make something we all love (tacos!) and set up the table as if we were at a fancy, shamancy restaurant.  They love it.  The smiles on my family's faces makes my heart happy.

Valentines is a special day at school too.  My kiddos are home schooled, but today we'll be going down to our co-op group for a little Valentines party- Home School style!  Ya! They'll be passing out cards and eating too much sugar.  Nothing like 30 kids running around on a sugar high that not only do you endorse but you also provide.  This is what I made for our little shindig.

Everyone sells these heart shape cake pans now, but this is actually done with an 8 inch square and round pan.  Believe it or not, I remember reading about how to make a heart shape cake with a round and square pan in a Home & Garden's magazine when I was about 10 years old.  I can't remember what I need from 2 minutes ago when I walk into a room, but I can remember cake from nearly 3 decades ago.  That's just wrong.

So if you're looking to make something special for tonight, let me give you the quick how to for our little, designer heart cake.

Make your cake mix as directed.  Fill your round and square pans like so.
We used Red Velvet mix.
 Bake and let them cool.  Cut your round cake in half and place your square cake in between the halves at a diagonal, like so.

If you don't have a square pan, use a 13 x 9
pan and cut it to fit the heart.
Yes, the cakes are different.  We ended up eating part of the red velvet cake and had to make another cake to finish our heart project.  What can I say?  We like cake! 

Frost and decorate however you'd like and voila, you have yourself a little, actually it's pretty big, heart cake for Valentines Day!

Now, if you're thinking how sad it is that the hubby and I aren't going out for a big, romantic dinner, don't.  We have a regular date night, just the two of us.  Sometimes it's dinner out; sometimes it's just coffee.  And on a regular basis, he asks me to marry him all over again.  I always say, YES!  ( I know, right.  We're mooshy) Mr. Lewisville and I have a love that is greater than any arrow piercing cupid can provide.  He is my best friend and we are committed to one another, to our marriage, and to our family.  We learned what true Love is a long time ago, and it doesn't come in the form of chocolate in a heart shaped box or roses or a sentimental card.  Those things are nice, but we know true love comes in the form of a cross. 

 We love because God first loved us, and it is only through His Son, Jesus, that we can love one another.  It is a deep, everlasting love.  My love for my husband grows as I move ever closer to the love of my Lord.  My Valentines Day is better known as Good Friday, the day Jesus spread out His arms and was thinking of me.  This is LOVE.

Yes we are!

So if you're spending this day without a "special someone", know that someone thinks you are pretty special.  In fact, He thinks you're pretty amazing; you are worth pursing, and you are worth dying for.  Now really, that's the true kind of love that is "Happily Ever After".

Blessings to you,